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Access to information behind bars is a human right! Help us to stop the suppression of online information in Canadian prisons







In Canada, thousands of incarcerated individuals lack access to vital information crucial for their personal and professional growth. Incarcerated individuals face significant barriers to accessing information (books and reading materials are very limited), compounded by the banning of any access to the internet and limited educational opportunities inside prisons. This not only increases isolation but also hinders their prospects for successful reintegration into society.


At WriteOn!, we have responded to hundreds of letters from incarcerated people across Canada who request all kinds of information, including general legal information, educational resources and information about supports and programs that can benefit them in preparation for their release. Having responded to over 800 of these letters, our efforts have proven to be a lifeline, offering essential support to those who are extremely isolated and cut off from most of society.


We demand that incarcerated people in Canada be allowed access to the Internet to improve their access to educational resources, including being able to take college/university courses, access career information, work on personal goals, and reduce isolation. By granting this fundamental right, we can reduce recidivism rates and improve the quality of life of incarcerated people, with the ultimate goal of carceral abolition.


Join us in advocating for equitable access to information for all, by allowing those inside to have access to the internet.

Sign the petition today, or better yet, write a letter to our elected officials, and let's make a difference together!


Send your letter (feel free to use the linked sample letter) to the following elected officials (as well as  to your own MP):

Dominic Leblanc

Minister of Public Safety, Democratic Institutions and Governmental Affairs

House of Commons

Ottawa, On  K1A 0A6


Jagmeet Singh

Leader of the New Democratic Party

House of Commons

Ottawa, On K1A 0A6


Pierre Poilevre

Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Opposition

House of Commons

Ottawa, On K1A 0A6


Download/circulate this poster to spread the word:




This recent article well illustrates the profound negative effects of lack of internet access in prisons ("Getting an education lowers a prisoner’s likelihood of reoffending. So why does Canada make it nearly impossible for inmates to take online courses?" - Toronto Star, March 15, 2024)


Another new article from the Toronto Star, regarding a lawsuit being launched vs Correctional Services Canada re the lack of internet service in prisons:


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