Mission Statement:

Write On! is a group of concerned students, workers and Ontario residents who support and stand in solidarity with prisoners in Canada, both in the Provincial and Federal systems.  We believe that providing resources and information to prisoners is a way we can improve the quality of their lives. We also work in partnership with prisoners by learning from them about their experiences and insights into the prison system.  We strive to use prisoners’ voices to  advocate for more humanity, social justice and transparency within the criminal justice system.



1)     To provide prisoners with accurate information on legal issues, their rights in prison, community resources and other information that can positively impact the quality of their lives in prison.

2)     To use what we learn from prisoners’ experiences to advocate for a more humane criminal justice system.

What We Do:

Write On! strives to broaden the access prisoners in Canada have to knowledge, information, and resources.  We do this by answering prisoners’ letters and responding to their research requests.  This can include requests for info on: general legal information, resources, programs and services, information on prison rules and policies, and other kinds of information.  We do not however offer any kind of professional advice, legal or other.


We also strive to learn from prisoners themselves through their  letters, about the conditions of prison life, and the systemic issues they face.   We use this information to raise awareness about these issues, and to advocate for a criminal justice system where people will be treated with dignity and humanity, and  receive the help they need to heal and thrive as human beings.

What We Believe In:

We believe that incarcerated people are part of our community, and should be treated the same way all people should be, in a just and humane manner where their rights are respected.  Prisoners have a valid voice, and a right to be heard by those on the outside. Our work is not charity, but rather an act of solidarity that addresses as best we can the needs of incarcerated people.  We understand that the reasons people end up incarcerated are complex. We value public safety, and we recognize that locking people up behind bars is not the solution to the violence in our communities.  We strive for a world where social problems like poverty and discrimination are a thing of the past, and prisons are not needed.

Mailing Address

Write On!

Suite # 234

110 Cumberland Street

Toronto, On M5R 3V5

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