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Write On! is a group of concerned students, workers and Ontario residents who support and stand in solidarity with people in prison in Canada, both in the Provincial and Federal systems.  We believe that providing resources and information to people in prison is a way we can improve the quality of their lives.

We answer letters from people in prison and respond to their research requests.  This can include requests for info on: general legal information, resources, programs and services, information on prison rules and policies, and other kinds of information that they need.


We also strive to learn from people in prison themselves through their letters, about the conditions of prison life, and the systemic challenges that they face.   We use this information to raise awareness about these issues, advocate for the rights of people in prison, and work toward a more humane criminal justice system, while recognizing that carceral abolition is the only way to meaningfully achieve these goals in the long run.

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